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Nilai duit syiling 1 sen mengikut tahun — Malaysian Coin

Senarai ini dibuat berdasarkan pemerhatian saya kepada harga pasaran di sekitar Lembah Klang pada 12 Januari 2014. 1 sen walaupun nilai...
Top 15 Most Beautiful 2014 Year of The Horse Coins

Top 15 Most Beautiful 2014 Year of The Horse Coins — lunaticg banknote coin

Almost all the mint in the world already issues their Chinese Lunar Zodiac Year of the Year of The Horse Coins. In this post I will be...
Russia Tsar Alexander II 25 Roubles gold coin

Russian Coins Sell For US$5,364,428 in New York — lunaticg banknote coin

On 9 January 2014, an auction of Russian coins, orders and medals held by Baldwin’s, in association with Dmitry Markov Coins and Medals...
1890 $1,000 Grand Watermelon Note Brings World Record $3 29 Million At Heritage Auctions

1890 $1,000 Watermelon note sold for $3.29 Million — lunaticg banknote coin

On 10 January 2014, a record for World Most Expensive Banknote were broken at Florida United Numismatics (FUN) Convention Rare Currency...
celebrate CNY with recycled fit banknotes

Celebrate CNY 2014 with recycle fit banknotes — lunaticg banknote coin

Bank Negara Malaysia, in support for the "Go Green" initiative, need the public support to celebrate CNY 2014 with recycle fit...
Top 10 most valuable US coins at 2013 auctions

Top 10 most valuable US coins in 2013 auctions — lunaticg banknote coin

What is the most valuable U.S. coins at 2013 auctions? Last year we saw several record breaking auctions for high-quality and historic...
1822 Brazil Pedro I gold 6400 Reis

1822 Brazil Gold Coin sold USD$499,375 — lunaticg banknote coin

A 1822 Brazil Gold Coin sold for USD$499,375 by Heritage Auctions & Galleries Inc in the 42nd annual New York International Numismatic...
Famous rare coins sold for USD$7 87 million

Famous rare coins sold for USD$7.87 million — lunaticg banknote coin

Two Famous Rare Coins sold for USD$7.87 million By Heritage Auctions In Orlando, Thursday night, Jan. 9, 2014; 1787 Brasher Gold...

Sasana Kijang-Muzium Bank Negara Malaysia — Malaysian Coin

Apa yang ada di Sasana Kijang BNM? Mungkin itulah soalan yang diajukan oleh mereka yang tidak pernah melawat tempat ini. Sebelum saya...
Ali Abul Hassan Bank Negara Governor

Top 10 Malaysia Numismatic News of 2013 — lunaticg banknote coin

What is the most talked about Malaysia Numismatic news of 2013? Last year, we saw the record for Malaysia Most Expensive circulation...

Duit Syiling 80 tahun ATM-Angkatan Tentera Malaysia — Malaysian Coin

Pada 20 December 2013, Bank Negara Malaysia mengeluarkan duit syiling peringatan bersempena dengan Ulang Tahun Angkatan Tentera Malaysia...
Duit Syiling Peringatan 80 tahun ATM Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

BNM issue 80 years ATM coins — lunaticg banknote coin

Today, Bank Negara Malaysia has launch a 80 years ATM coins in conjunction with the 80th Anniversary of Malaysian Armed Forces. Three...

Harga Duit Parlimen naik tinggi sebab..... — Malaysian Coin

"Harga tol akan naik! Harga tariff eletrik akan naik! Harga duit Parlimen pun nak naik jugak! Habis, kita yang rakyat biasa ni nak...
Handhout picture released on December 13, 2013 by the Central Bank of Brazil showing a 10 Reals gold coin

Brazil will issue 2014 World Cup coins — lunaticg banknote coin

On Friday, Banco Central Do Brasil (Brazil's Central Bank) announced plans to issue a set of nine commemorative coins for the 2014 World...
Replica Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 3 quarters cent coin

Fake coins in the news — lunaticg banknote coin

This week, they're many news relating to coins and Malaysia old currency reported by The Star, Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Daily....
Heritage Act vs Malaysia Metal detecting

Heritage Act vs Malaysia Metal detecting — lunaticg banknote coin

After sharing the news about "The Lost Treasure of Johor" yesterday, a friend of mine Private Message me via Facebook, asking what the...
Monnaie de Paris' Yves Klein 10 euro silver coin

Yves Klein silver coin won COTY 2014 — lunaticg banknote coin

Krause Publications has announce The Monnaie de Paris' Yves Klein 10-euro silver coin won Coin of the Year (COTY) Award 2014. The silver...
penemuan harta karun

The Lost Treasure of Johor — lunaticg banknote coin

For Numismatic enthusiast like me, when we saw a title infront of today (12.12.2013) Star Newspaper "The Lost Treasure of Johor", it...

Bila membeli duit lama tanpa ilmu — Malaysian Coin

Didalam Hobi numismatik, ilmu adalah sesuatu yang amat penting kepada pengumpul duit lama. Jika kita tidak mempunyai ilmu yang cukup,...
Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction 158

50 sen 1969 SE in MNS158 auction — lunaticg banknote coin

A 50 sen 1969 Security Edge coin will be one of the highlights in Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction MNS No.158 that will be held on...