March 20, 2010

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Re : Network Marketing? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

May I know what is Network Marketing and how to define it? Thank & Regards Chris

My husband has transfered all his debt to me and dissappered. is there anything i can do? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

He transfered over his debt to a 0% balance transfer on my credit card. Now he has deserted me. He also has borrowed money of my family....

For the least amount of money and maximum return on investment, what is the best business to start? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

To make it more interesting, consider the following starting capital parameters: 5K; 10K; 20K; 50K and 100K.

When I rent out a room, does my landlord have any rights or say over this? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

I rent a 3 bed, 2 bath house on a 1 year lease. I do not want to share the lease as I only want to rent a room temporarily. I just want...

What happens when your in debt but then u die? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

if u found out the u only had a month to live, and u have a no limit credit card right. so knowing that u only have 1 month to live u...

Where do the Bananas in Wal-Mart come from? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

I need this for a report so please anwer as soon as possible.

Gas Vs. Starbucks? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

I have found something really amusing a couple days ago. I was pumping gas at a gas station and was listening to a guy complain about...

What can I invest in with 500 dollars ? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

I'm 16 years old with a summer job. What can I do with 500 dollars that is stable and will also help my money grow. Thanks.

What is the typical insurance payment per month for a 06 Lamborghini Murcielago? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

Knowledgeable answers only please.Additional DetailsThis is for the few morons below: either answer the question posed or don't post;...

Self-employed.. Hate individual Health insurance..any alternatives? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

Just got off the phone with our health insurance company who charges our family $400/month (4 of us). They basically cover nothing, and...

Is my friend financially "fit" or ready for an apartment, or is he at high risk for eviction? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

Wow I thought I had it bad, with A$$HOLES like Rob W telling me that I'm "not financially capable" of buying a house...well I have a...

I have an insurance question? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

If the government regulates and requires auto insurance, why dont they provide it? Flood insurance is provided by the government so why...

What are important things to know when buying a life insurance? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

What questions should I ask about a policy in order to pick the best company and benefits?

Cab anyone think of a good name for our driving school? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

currently Hillard school of motoring but we want something a bit,,,,,,, more eye catching i suppose, a name you would remember

Does your boss drive you crazy? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

Nothing like coming in on a Friday morning to find out for the past two weeks of work you have done.....poured so much time and...

Do you agree that we should pay for refuse collection on top of Council Tax in the UK? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

If UK citizens are asked to pay twice for refuse removal I believe that the objection to this will be seen by the number of rubbish bags...

I'm 14 and I wanna start a lemonade stand but have NO IDEA how to get started? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

My 3 friends and I want to help malnutritioned children in Africa. We want 99% going there and 1% going to getting lemonade stuff. i...

How do I hire foreign students to work as housekeepers for our winter resort? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

What is the process of hiring international students seasonally? How much should we pay?

I need an business idea, give me one? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

i promise to give u a cut of the business if u can help me get a good idea.

Can anyone about online earning please...? — Financial Crisis 2009 - Lastest Posts

i have heard about online earning but i donot whether they are ture or not,can any one who have earned throu gh online plz do scrapp me...